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 Post subject: Head-up about binds and .ini settings -
PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:01 am 
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Just a head-up about using binds and modifying .ini configuration settings: recently some server admins have started to use (silly) cvars to basically "make sure" people play the game with only a pristine, mint settings configuration.

Unfortunatly they chosen to add settings like Lensflares, static decals (which are grapphiti and such) bloom (!) or even fix FPS to the variables that gets checked as you play on their server.
This means that whenever you modify your .ini or play with some particular binds, and you join their server, you may get kicked or banned for silly reasons as the above. Also note that some people even checks if you have used these even in the past on other servers (by using ACI violations history tools), and eventually ban for it (as the SD - Soul Defenders - guys do).

This is what they look like, and what you should not modify:

http://www.souldefenders.net/index.php/ ... hecks#6175

And this is a silly thread on the official forums where there's a discussion going on about this very topic:

http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic ... 47&t=16736

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 Post subject: Re: Head-up about binds and .ini settings -
PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:01 pm 
Derob Manager
Derob Manager
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Tbh, this is where every game eventually gets - people start modifying cvars for better performance or just to get an advantage. In SoF2 we've already been there. It went as far as people using soundpacks for better footsteps and lightsabers to see knives thro the wall, putting aim dots on the sky for throwing knives... but this is not the topic. Although most of these cvars are harmless, I'm sure there are some that give littlebit of a upper hand (but really, I don't know much about aa's cvars). These just have to be looked over in general but this witchhunt is just plain stupid. Especially, as there is anti-cheat screenshots etc, then you can make sure that there is no cheating going on.

I like what tidididi said at the official forum:
If you want to do something, first get basic knowledge about it.

For now I see you don't have any knowledge. I will give it to you. All of the graphic settings from AAEngine.ini has no influence on any adventage. Specially the two options which you posted.

Why do you want to make it under cvar check? To do not let play to people who has low hardware?

Really, get a knowledge first then do something. You don't have it. Cvars are really important. But smart cvars, like ambient sound, double actions, onrelease. Not graphic options. You can not forbid to play the game to someone who has worse PC than you. Think if you want to go [TOS Violation] way.

Hold breath on zoom and autospot. This is important to block, not useless graphic effecta

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 Post subject: Re: Head-up about binds and .ini settings -
PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:36 pm 
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Yeah, that's what i mean to point out. The game has still awful performance on an decent system, and stutter is always there even on the most powerful systems. As i've already wrote in that thread, some people like the AAO25 Assist guys can already detect and ban mouse related macros (back in AA2 it was even possible to lower weapon recoil or increase fire rate thanks to these). But in this game, we got a bunch of people like these that believe that turning lens flares or bloom off is a potential unfair advantage -.-'''''

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